Towards a broad-based innovation policy for all cities and regions

Session organisers

Alexandra Tsvetkova, OECD, alexandra.tsvetkova@oecd.org
Alexander Lembcke, OECD, alexander.lembcke@oecd.org


To ensure that technological and knowledge diffusion reaches all types of regions a broader approach to innovation policy might be required. There is an increasing body of evidence that weaknesses in technology and knowledge diffusion in the OECD are weighing on productivity growth and innovation, particularly in firms that are distant from the technological frontier (whether global or national). This weakens the capacity of OECD countries to adapt to meet future challenges and undermines inclusive growth. To empower firms in all types of regions to benefit from global trends and technological change, a broad‑based innovation policy also needs to be flexible enough to adapt to the different capacity and innovation eco‑systems in different regions and cities.

This session will summarise the OECD findings from the recent workshop series on Broadening Innovation Policy: New insights for cities and regions and from peer-learning exercises for industrial transition regions, as well as from follow-ups from both activities.

Session format

This session is organised by OECD and will bring together representatives from international organisations and policy-makers. The speakers will present their perspectives and will engage in round table/panel discussion including time for the Q&A with the audience. The participating policy-makers and practitioners will be asked to share their practical experience and challenges in designing and implementing effective innovation-related policies. A partially audience-driven format can also be accommodated.

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