Parallel Sessions F

Responsible Innovation, Social Innovation and Inclusive Growth II

Room: Share 1
Chair: Liliana Fonseca – Universidade de Aveiro, Portuga
Ulrich Elmer Hansen – UNEP DTU Partnership, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
Ivan Nygaard
The dark side of the sun: avoiding a solar waste crisis
Gianluca Biggi – University of Pisa, Italy
Elisa Giuliani
Arianna Martinelli
What is boiling in the pot? On the patent toxicity of globally banned Chemical
David Grover – Grenoble Ecole de Management, France
Ben Daniels
Social equity issues in the distribution of feed-in tariff policy benefits: A panel analysis from
England and Wales using spatial census and policy data
Rögnvaldur Saemundsson – University of Iceland; University of
Gothenburg, Iceland
Maureen McKelvey
Negative Unintended Consequences as a Counterbalance to Innovation: The Macchiarini ca

Migration, Globalisation and the Knowledge Economy I

Room: Share 2
Chair: Marte Solheim – University of Stavanger Business School, Norway
Florian Seliger – ETH Zürich, Switzerland Martin Woerter
Spyros Arvanitits
Spillovers from International Knowledge Activities
Julien Seaux – Université de Bordeaux and Università dell’Insubria, France Learning by Moving: International Education and Return Migration of Europeans
Frank Neffke – Harvard University, United States Michele Coscia
Ricardo Hausmann
Knowledge Diffusion in the Network of International Business Travel

Innovation and Regional Transformation: Change Agency and Opportunity Spaces I

Room: Focus
Chair: Markus Grillitsch – Lund University, Sweden
Lisa Nieth – Regio Twente, The Netherlands
Verena Radinger-Peer
Universities as (leading) Agents in Strategic Regional Path Development? A European
Josephine Rekers – Lund University, Sweden Markus Grillitsch
Markku Sotarauta
Trinity of Change Agency: Connecting Agency and Structure in Studies of Regional
Annalisa Caloffi – Università degli Studi di Firenze, Italy Ana Colovic
Federica Rossi
Margherita Russo
Technological Revolutions and Policy Evolution: The Case of Innovation Intermediaries in the Context of Emerging Digital Technologies
Huiwen Gong – Kiel University, Germany Structure and Agency in Local Industrial Development: A Comparative Study of the Online Games Industry in Shanghai and Hamburg

New (Big) Data Sources and Methods to Unpack the Geography of Innovation I: Digital Social Data and Machine Learning

Room: Initiative
Chair: Yuri Campbell – Fraunhofer IMW, Germany
Benjamin Klement – Fraunhofer IMW, Germany Resonance Indicators: Analyzing Hidden Innovation with Digital Social Data
Yuri Campbell – Fraunhofer IMW, Germany Too big to see: exploring proxies of structure in a real large-scale university-industry cooperation network
Burcu Ozgun – Middle East Technical University, Turkey Tom Broekel The Geography of Sentiments towards Innovation and Technologies in the German News Media
Jan-Frederik Thurmann – Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany Simone Strambach Social Media as a Tool to create and measure Resonance for Social Innovations

Universities and the Geography of Innovation VI

Room: Energy Hall 3
Chair: Maria Salomaa – University of Lincoln, United Kingdom
Tan Tran Thai – SKEMA business school Ludovic Dibiaggio
Maryann Feldman
The time value of scientific expertise
Johanna Hautala – University of Turku, Finland Co-Creating knowledge with robots: Towards system, synthesis, and symbiosis in the
universities in Tampere and Singapore
Maureen McKelvey – University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Rögnvaldur Saemundsson
Organizational Routines and the Growth of Knowledge in Engineering

Creative Industry Clusters, Innovation and Policy II

Room: Opportunity
Chair: Bruce Tether – University of Manchester (Alliance Manchester Business School), United Kingdom
Bruce Tether – University of Manchester (Alliance Manchester
Business School), United Kingdom
Mind the Gap: Regional Inequalities in the UK’s Creative Industries
Nicola Cortinovis – Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Frank van der Wouden
Collaboration and Learning in a Creative Industry
Chiara Burlina – Catholic University of Milan, Italy Firm Performance and Economic Complexity: Evidence from Italian Cultural and Creative Industries
Neil Lee – London School of Economics, United Kingdom Patrizia Casadei
Enrico Vanino
Trade in Creative Services and Manufacturing Industries: Relatedness and Structural
Changes in the UK

Innovation and Regional Economic Development IV

Room: Confidence/h5>

Chair: Christian Richter Østergaard – Aalborg University, Denmark
Thomas Kemeny – Queen Mary, University of London, United
Sergio Petralia
Michael Storper
Disruptive Innovation and Interregional Inequality
Martin Wörter – ETH Zürich, KOF Swiss Economic Institute, Switzerland
Spyros Arvanitis
Florian Seliger
How Important is International Knowledge Sourcing for Domestic Innovation and Productivity?
Wahyu Jatmiko – Durham University, United Kingdom Shahid Ebrahim Revamping Sukūk with a Charitable Endowment for Infrastructure Financing
Filippo Randelli – University of Florence, Italy Federico Martellozzo
Gianluca Iannucci
Rural Tourism Evolution: Modeling the Avoidance of an Ineluctable decline through Landscape
and Agriculture Conservation

Innovation Policy for Regions and Countries VI

Room: Concentrate
Chair: Dzamila Bienkowska – Linkoping University, Sweden
Frederic Wallet – INRA Agroparistech – University of Paris-Saclay, France André Torre Innovation processes in rural areas: climbing the ladder or widening the gap?
Gianluca Orsatti – GREThA, University of Bordeaux, France Sandro Montresor
Francesco Quatraro
On the geography of radical innovations: Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) and technological
novelty in European regions
Kolja Hesse – University of Bremen, Germany Unlocking the (radical) potential of firms – How R&D policy can foster radical innovations
Ridvan Cinar – University of Aveiro, Portugal Paul Benneworth Making sense of changing innovation landscape in Europe through multiple critical junctures
and normal periods (1982-2018)

Proximity and Innovation IV

Room: Attention
Chair: Jonathan Muringani – University of Stavanger, Norway
Leyla Sandoval Hamón – Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain
Soraya M. Ruiz Peñalver
Rune Dahl Fitjar
Elisa Thomas
A systematic review of the literature of science and technology parks (STPs) and its
relationship with innovation
Anna Varga-Csajkás – MTA-PTE Innovation and Economic Growth Research Group; University of Pécs, Hungary
Tamás Sebestyén
Attila Varga
Policy simulations for Hungarian high-growth firms: an agent-based model for innovation-related cooperation
Cathrin Söllner – University of Bremen, Germany Collaborating for Quality – The (in)direct impact of team diversity on the quality of co-patents

Digital Platform Geographies

Room: Bouvet
Chair: Shiri M. Breznitz – University of Toronto, Canada
Alina Kontareva – TIK, University of Oslo, Norway Commercial Internet in the Emerging Economies: Russian Internet Companies and the Global
Shauna Brail – University of Toronto Unicorns, Platforms, and Global Cities: The Economic Geography of Ride-Hailing
Birgit Leick – Østfold University College, Norway
Mehtap Aldogan Eklund
Bjørnar Karlsen Kivedal
Airbnb, Sharing-economy Entrepreneurs and Regional Economic Development in Secondary Tourist Destinations: An Exploratory Study
Shiri M. Breznitz – University of Toronto, Canada
Douglas Noonan
Martin Kenney
Should I stay or should I go? Analyzing the Mobility of Crowdfunding Entrepreneurs

Innovation in Developing and Emerging Economies

Room: Energy Hall 1
Chair: Simona Iammarino – London School of Economics, United Kingdom
Kevin Chandra – Hong Kong University of Science and
Technology, Hong Kong, China
Beyond the Market-state Dichotomy: Comparative Analysis of Hong Kong and Shenzhen
Innovation Systems
Maria Kristalova – Friedrich-Schiller University Jena, Germany Ksenia Gonchar Can Innovation Decrease Mortality of Small Firms in a Catching-up Economy?
Thomas Brenner – Philipps-Universität Marburg Innovation as Growth Factor – A Comparison of Different Types of Countries
Rut Andrea Atayde Villegas – Universidad Panamericana, Mexico
Rafael Garduño-Rivera
Innovation and Competition: Evidence from Manufacturing Industries in Mexico


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