Parallel Sessions G

Understanding the Heterogeneity of Regional Energy Transitions: Opportunities and Limitations for Regional Development I

Room: Concentrate
Chair: Lars Coenen – University of Melbourne, Australia
Camilla Chlebna – Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg,
Hanna Martin
Jannika Mattes
Grasping regional development dynamics: Towards a concept of transformative change
Henner Busch – Lund University, Sweden
Salvatore Ruggiero
Aljosa Isakovic
Teis Hansen
Fabian Faller
Transformative or not? – A systematic review of research on community energy policies in the European Union
Siddharth Sareen – University of Bergen, Norway Metrics for an accountable energy transition? Legitimating the governance of solar uptake

Urban Agglomerations, Externalities and Innovation I

Room: Attention
Chair: Gerwin Evers – Aalborg University, Denmark
Frank Van Oort – Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Nicola Cortinovis
Innovation performance, varieties and teams in European regions
Yuting Jiang – University of Padova, Italy
Giulio Cainelli
Related Variety and Economic Growth at Firm Level in China
Fabrizio Fusillo – University of Turin, Italy
Davide Consoli
Gianluca Orsatti
Francesco Quatraro
Skill endowment, routinization and digital technologies: Evidence from U.S. Metropolitan Areas

Smart Cities and Smart Regions

Room: Confidence
Chair: Eloïse Germain-Alamartine – Linköping University, Sweden
Lukas Häfner – Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany
Rolf Sternberg
Martina Fuchs
Digitalisation, spatial (in-)equality and innovation-based regional development: state of the art and research agenda
Daniela Baer – SINTEF, Norway
Anne Nuijten
Innovate for low carbon cities! The role of municipalities for aligning smart city projects to maximize impact
Stefania Fiorentino – UCL, United Kingdom
Silvia Bartolucci
New governance perspectives on the sharing economy. A blockchain application for the ‘smart’ management of spaces with a return for local authorities
Agnieszka Kwiatek-Sołtys – Institute of Geography Pedagogical University of Cracow, Poland How smart and modern is the historical city of Krakow and its residents. City development strategy versus inhabitants opinion

Innovation and Regional Transformation: Change Agency and Opportunity Spaces II

Room: Focus
Chair: Markus Grillitsch – Lund University, Sweden
Magnus Nilsson – CIRCLE, Lund University, Sweden
Markus Grillitsch
Trust in Regional Development
Jonas Heiberg – Eawag & Utrecht University, Switzerland
Bernhard Truffer
Christian Binz
The Geography of Legitimation
Markku Sotarauta – Tampere University, Finland
Heli Kurikka
Jari Kolehmainen
Trinity of Change Agency and Path Development in Peripheral Regions

New (Big) Data Sources and Methods to Unpack the Geography of Innovation II: Big Data Based on Intellectual Property Rights and Machine Learning Analysis

Room: Initiative
Chair: : Rafael Boix Domenech – University of Valencia, Spain
Deyun Yin – World Intellectual Property Organization, Switzerland
Ernest Miguelez
Julio Raffo
Christian Chacua
Massimiliano Coda Zabetta
Francesco Lissoni
Identification and analysis of Innovation Clusters based on Global Geocoding Data
Rafael Boix Domenech – Universitat De Valencia, Spain
Vittorio Galletto Ciocia
Fabio Sforzi
The Marshallian industrial district as a living innovation machine: modelling technological innovation in space and time variable-geometry units using big data and machine learning
Vittorio Galletto Ciocia – University of Valencia, Spain
Francesco Capone
Rafael Boix Domenech
Searching for rare diamonds? Industrial districts and innovation in Spain and Italy

Globalisation of Innovation and Knowledge

Room: Energy Hall 3
Chair: Sergio Andrés Manrique Garzón – Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain
Claudia De Fuentes – Saint Mary’s University
Jason Rhinelander
Jahan Ara Peerally
Building Knowledge from Engaging in Backward and Forward Global Value Chains
Fiorenza Belussi – University of Padua, Italy
Ivan De Noni
Are FDI from and to Emerging Countries Supporting the Global Invention Networks of European Regions?
Sara Amoroso – European Commission – Joint Research Centre, Spain Are M&As the New R&D? Evidence from World Top R&D Investors
Liza Jabber – University of Birmingham, United Kingdom
Robert Elliott
Enrico Vanino
Global Knowledge Chains and the International Patenting Activity of Firms

Migration, Globalisation and the Knowledge Economy II

Room: Share 2
Chair: Ina Drejer – Aalborg University, Denmark
Zhiling Wang – Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands Industrial Transfer Policies in China: Migration, Urbanization and Upgrading
Rune Dahl Fitjar – University of Stavanger, Norway
Silje Haus-Reve
Abigail Cooke
Thomas Kemeny
Does assimilation shape the economic value of immigrant diversity?
Zane Varpina – Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Latvia
Marija Krumina
Back for business: the role of foreign experience on entrepreneurial activity in Latvia

The Geography of Resilience in Europe I

Room: Share 1
Chair: Bogdan-Constantin Ibanescu – Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Romania
Edoardo Ferrucci – LUISS University, Italy
Francesco Quatraro
Anna D’ambrosio
Valentina Meliciani
The impact of cultural and sectoral diversity on regional resilience: an analysis on Italian provinces
Alexandru Bănică – “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, Iași
Karima Kourtit
Peter Nijkamp
Resilience capabilities in natural disasters – from losses to opportunities
Jarle Aarstad – Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway
Stig-Erik Jakobsen
Olav Andreas Kvitastein
Regional resilience, external shocks, and enterprises’ dynamic capabilities in a time of decline

Trademarks in Space I

Room: Opportunity
Chair: Carolina Castaldi – Eindhoven Univeristy of Technology, The Netherlands
Trevor Kollmann – Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
Stephen Petrie
Alex Cordoreanu
Russell Thomson
Elizabeth Webster
International Trademarking and Regional Export Performance
Michal Kazimierczak – EUIPO/Maastricht University, The Netherlands
René Belderbos
Micheline Goedhuys
Patents, Trademarks and New Firm Formation in European Regions
Eric James Iversen – Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation,
Research and Education NIFU, Norway
Sverre J. Herstad – University of Oslo, Norway
The geography of innovation and diversification: trademark and patenting in different regional
and industrial contexts in Norway
Georg von Graevenitz – QMUL, United Kingdom
Stuart Graham
Amanda Myers
Distance (Still) Hampers Diffusion of Innovations

Meet the Editors I

Room: Energy Hall 1
Chair: Carlos Rodrigues – University of Aveiro, Portugal
Elisa Giuliani – University of Pisa, Italy Research Policy
Maria Savona – SPRU, University of Sussex, United Kingdom Research Policy
Andrea Morrison – Bocconi University, Italy Industry and Innovation
Thomas Kemeny – Queen Mary, University of London, United Kingdom Regional Studies
Dieter Kogler – University College Dublin, Ireland Regional Studies
Ron Boschma – Utrecht University, The Netherlands Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society


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